Monday, April 27, 2009

Great weekend!!!

Ok, so I have to start off by CoNgRaTuLaTiNg my beautiful Lexi in getting accepted into the choir program at W. E. Greiner Middle School/Exploratory Arts Academy!! I am extremely proud of her and can't believe that she will be going to Junior High this coming school year. She has grown up so much and amazes me at how mature she is for her age. I adore my Lexi!! She wasn't so proud of herself when we left the audition a month ago thinking she didn't do so well. She always puts so much pressure on herself and I always tell her to put her best effort and think positively. In the end she always does a great job!! Lot's of thanks to my cousin Juan for helping out with the voice lessons. Here goes a lil slide show of one of my princess' throughout the years!! I love you mamacita!!

More GREAT news .... during the week I was looking for a toddler backpack for Brooklyn and one of my girlfriends told me where I could find it. It's a lil boutique in Oak Cliff called The Cozy Cottage which I had been meaning to stop by ever since it opened but never got the chance up until this past Friday! I absolutely LOVED it!! I spoke with the owner about maybe carrying some of my items and guess what???? She is!! She is the sweetest lady ever and I just had to give her the biggest hug!! So guys my diaper cakes will now be sold at The Cozy Cottage!! I am extremely excited and can't wait until it's all up and running!!

One more thing ..LOL! My website will be up and running soon It is still under major construction so if you just so happen to click on the link sorry for the mess but Jessica from and I have also partnered up to get some great shots of my girls in my tutus for my website photos, business cards, flyer's ..etc. I am really looking forward to working with her and can't wait to get the pictures taken. We have been talking about locations and poses so it's going to be a lot of fun! I will definitely let you know once that will all be done. Oh I know I said one more thing but as I was finishing I thought of two more things. I want to thank my cousin Ricky for working on my logo ( you better be working on it ...ha!)! Many, many thanks to him as well. You can see some of his work along with the rest of his team at Sour Grapes 13!

Finally, Saturday night I decided to work on something new to add to my "I know I can do that" list! LOL!! FRAMES!! Custom made cute, different, fun frames! Here goes a picture and you can now order these as well!!

Many thanks to everyone and Lot's and Lot's of LOVE!!


KAG said...

cute stuff! xoxo KAG

BLC :o said...

Oh la la! I cannot wait to sneak a peek at your website ... if its half as cute as your blog I am in trouble!!! Xoxo-BLC

Rebecca said...

You've been Tagged, read about it in my blog!!

J. Marie said...

Hey girl! Can't wait for the 15th! It's going to be cuteness galore! :)