Thursday, July 30, 2009



Ok, guys so Mrs. Limestone from Brooklyn Limestone is having a wonderful giveaway today!! It's the Kartell chair! YES, I said the Kartell chair but for kids! I have been wanting to get my hands on one of these for my room but since our budget doesn't allow us to right now I have put it off for a while, but hey maybe Brooklyn can have one in her room if we get lucky. It would work perfect right now that I am transforming her room and especially b/c it's going to be have a boutiquish style theme!! Loooove it!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So the BOYS head off to training camp .....

So the BOYS head off to training camp and I sure am super excited!!! I love me some COWBOYS FOOTBALL and I just can't wait for the first game!!! YES, we are HUGE fans that my hubby even went to Texas Stadium auction the last few days it was open and came home with a pylon?!?! What is a PYLON?!?! HAA! Well here goes a picture of one

and here goes my sweetie with his!! HA!

Well anyways he paid a pretty good price for this lil thing (although extremely heavy) but to him it was well worth it since it came right off the turf! LOL!! He even made this nice looking star that he puts out on our yard every Sunday unless of course it is a Saturday game!! HA! Anyways, LET'S GO COWBOYS!!!

My lil one right before the season kicked off last season!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Congratulations Alysia!!

Yesterday was my girlfriend Alysia's babyshower and man was I impressed. My other two girlfriends Erica and Mary did such a wonderful job! It was a candy theme so I loaded up on the candy!!! LOL! Especially the lemon heads!! My gift to Alysia was a diaper cake along with a frame (of course)! Here go a few pics from yesterday!

Thank you Connie & Danica!!

Goes to show Tutu's are not just for lil ones!! Danica here graduated high school this past May and told her mom she just had to have a tutu! I loved this chica from the moment I met her!! She is so sweet and fun and a future star!! Can you believe she even wore it to school?!?! For those of you who live in the Dallas area you can see her work now until August 2nd. I've attached a flyer with all the information! So anyway, thanks to you and your mom! Congratulations on getting accepted to UT Austin!! GO LONGHORNS!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

USA vs Mexico

OH NO!! Now it's the United States against Mexico! May the best team win!! I wish I could find a soccer jersey that would have half of the USA team jersey and the other half of Mexico's jersey! LOL! Well I'm in the middle so I really can't say who I'm going for. My sisters and I did take a cute picture with our Converse (which I wish I had in every color)! Mine are in the middle and Annette will have to get some blue ones to replace the green. I stayed up till midnight lastnight watching Costa Rica get beat by the great team of Mexico so yeah I'm a lil off today! Yes, I do keep up with soccer but primarily b/c of my father and my lil bro. They are big soccer fans! Have a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hello Everyone!!

I know lately I've been taking my time blogging but I've just been so busy reading other blogs!! LOL! I've come across tons of wonderful blogs that I enjoy reading. I'm also in the middle of working on more tutus, tutus, tutus! Another thing I am in the middle of doing is re-doing about 50% of my house! Now you can see how busy I have been lately!

OK, so let me start off by saying that I came across Casey O' Connell (a super dooper wonderful artist)

through Jennifer from MadeByGirl in one of her postings back in June. Jennifer always has some nice postings and I love her work as well, I actually ordered two of her cards for my girlfriends birthday! Now back to Casey, I reached out to her and she is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. After exchanging SO MANY emails I ended up with But We Don't Dance!! This was a gift from my daddy who I simply adore!!! He is the best! I just got it this past Friday so I haven't been able to get it framed and hung on my wall but as soon as I do I will take pictures!

On another note I also came across Jacquelyn. She is also a sweetheart! I commented on her blog how much I loved her work and that I got some wonderful design tips from her since I am in the middle of transforming Brooklyn's room from a baby room to a big(lil) girl room ..LOL! I told her I wanted to do a boutiquish (if that's even a word) type room with pink, black, damask wallpaper and a chandelier. This morning I had the nicest reply from her telling me she would be working on a special design just for me b/c she couldn't resist the temptation to style such a cute room ...those were actually her exact words!! On top of that she asked for Brooklyn's initials so she could design a custom monogram just for her!! Now tell me she's not a sweet person!!

Alright it's time to say goodbye and I thought I'd leave you all with a beautiful picture I took of my little one with my father on 4th of July as he took her for a walk. I love to get shots like this so I take them every opportunity I get.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

About time Mireya!! LOL!

So my friend FINALLY got her lil one's pictures done! Don't they look adorable?!?!?

Thank you my long time friend! Besitos!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Birthday my lil terror!! LOL!!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my lil Brooklyn!!

Ok, so my lil one will be turning 2 tomorrow and since her birthday falls on 4th of July weekend I always have her birthday party the weekend before! I want to thank Cristy at Paperlili for the super cute top she made for my lil one for her birthday party and also Melody at Party Sprinkles for doing such a great job on her invitations! I totally recommend these two if you are looking for invitations, party favors, super cute tees, tights ..etc.! Love you girls!

Invitation by Melody at Party Sprinkles!!

Brooklyn with her Paperlili top!!

Oh yeah and the bows were made by me!! LOL!! Time is just going by waaaay too fast.

On another note everyone have a wonderful and happy 4th of July!!!

Happy Birthday !!

Happy Birthday to my sweet, crazy, super funny brother!! I love this boy to death! He makes me laugh tons and we are as close as can be!! Today he is turning 29, tomorrow Brooklyn will be 2, Saturday of course is 4th of July and Sunday, July 5th will be my birthday and I will keep my age to myself!! LOL!!

He decided he needed a break from all the walking at Epcot! HA!