Wednesday, June 24, 2009


OK, so I've been super badddd and haven't blogged in almost a month or maybe it has been a month!! LOL! I have Lot's and Lot's of things to blog about. Let me start off with my trip to Orlando, Fl. I HAD A WONDERFUL TIME!!! It was my first time going and although it was very tiring it was a wonderful experience! We went to 6 theme parks so you can only imagine how many pictures I have. I will only share a couple only b/c it would take forever if I posted them all. HA!

Not the best family picture but in the other one Brooklyn's lil head was cut off! LOL! My hubby is missing in this one too! Sorry sweetie (he took the pic)!

Brooklyn sure did love her some turkey leg!! HA!

My brother sure did make me laugh TONS!!

One of the BEST fireworks show I had ever seen!!

He swore he wouldn't leave without the purchase of his Mickey Mouse hands! LOL!!


Like I said I have way too many pictures to post so I only did these funny ones! We had the best time. Every park is worth a visit as I'm sure a lot of you will agree with me. I will be posting Lot's more b/c I have fallen way behind!!!

One more thing for this posting ....I definitely have to mention RIP Mr. Mike Jackson! He definitely is a music legend no matter what did or did not happen. We are not here to judge anyone!! I remember at a young age being in Monterrey, Mexico and begging my mom to buy me his Thriller record which is sitting in my closet! I sure did walk out with a big smile on my face! I was really into him that at the time my uncle who worked at the Anatole Dallas met him and got me an autographed picture which read "To Alita (what my family calls me) Love, Michael Jackson" ...I will have to take a picture and post it! Anyway, he will be missed tremendously!!

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jenny {zenobia studios} said...

LOL Love the turkey leg shot!