Monday, July 27, 2009

Thank you Connie & Danica!!

Goes to show Tutu's are not just for lil ones!! Danica here graduated high school this past May and told her mom she just had to have a tutu! I loved this chica from the moment I met her!! She is so sweet and fun and a future star!! Can you believe she even wore it to school?!?! For those of you who live in the Dallas area you can see her work now until August 2nd. I've attached a flyer with all the information! So anyway, thanks to you and your mom! Congratulations on getting accepted to UT Austin!! GO LONGHORNS!!


Anonymous said...

Cute!!! "I love this Chica tambien". She looks adorable in her Tutu. Congrat's to her!!

Anonymous said...

That cake is incredible!
pk @ Room Remix